Our Boring Farm

We have a lavender farm in Boring, Oregon nestled at the foot of Mt. Hood. Lavender and farming have been essential to creating a more holistic lifestyle for our entire family. Our farm and family are the root of A Boring Life.

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder diagnosed in America today.  18% of Americans will be diagnosed with anxiety disorder this year alone.  A Boring Life seeks to provide help.  We are helping folks to find balance and emotional well-being with whole foods and plant nutrition.

Live a boring life with us!

Our Boring Story

Chef Jen Johnson founded A Boring Life in August 2018 after successfully exiting Hip Chick Farms, an organic chicken company that she started five years prior and quickly grew to national distribution within four years of launch, Chef Jen moved her family to the town of Boring, Oregon, a rural agricultural community outside of Portland. They moved to a farm where they started farming lavender.

Chef Jen had started taking hemp extract for pain relief and focus six months prior. She was taken with the positive and natural effects of Hemp Extract – a remedy that offered so many benefits without any negative side effects. Her wife was also enjoying the hemp extract, so she decided to start cooking with it. Chef Jen is a classically trained chef, having cooked previously for 10 years at Chez Panisse with Alice Waters and for 16 years for the prestigious Getty Family in San Francisco.

A few short months later, she created A Boring Life opening the next chapter on her culinary adventure. Having found a more relaxed way to live, Chef Jen wanted to share her extraordinary new snacking nuts to highlight this phenomenal ingredient and super food – Hemp Extract.

Mission Statement

A Boring Life is a lifestyle brand with a core focus of providing easy and luxurious methods to use Hemp Extract as a fabulous additive to delicious simple food.  We are helping folks to find balance.

Core Values

Family: A Boring Life believes in the value of family and together building a business that helps the local economy, farmers and suppliers.

Natural Solutions to Natural Problems: We believe in good health. A Boring Life is dedicated to making only the highest quality whole foods and natural products sourced from local farmers we know and trust. We believe in offering natural solutions to natural problems by using good nutrition and super foods to promote a more healthy lifestyle.

Regenerative Agriculture: Regenerative agriculture leads to healthy soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land, and ultimately leading to productive farms and healthy communities and economies. We believe Hemp will help with the regenerative movement in this country and provide great regenerative benefits to our agricultural systems. We use these principles on our lavender and hemp farm.