Serafina Palandech
CEO, A Boring Life

What went well and what was a struggle? What things surprised you?

What advice do you have for someone starting a CBD business today?

Hemp is an incredible plant with the potential to help us heal our minds, bodies and our environment.

Hemp can literally clean our soil and improve the earth. The oil from hemp help many folks feel more balanced, free from pain and significantly calmer.

I believe we all need affordable and equal access to hemp and CBD, and there is an overwhelming consumer demand for hemp and CBD.

However, the government is slow to respond and regulate since the passing of the Farm Bill late last year.

Since launching A Boring Life CBD, there have been a lot of challenges – access to fair banking, merchant accounting, FDA regulations, and the inability to advertise on Facebook and Google.

We are rigorous in our testing and compliance to ensure we are sourcing only the best organic hemp grown.

We believe in GMP and look forward to a day when we can sell to stores across the country.

In the meantime, I love growing this industry, preaching about hemp and providing a natural solution.

I invite anyone considering starting a business to do so! I am happy to help professionalize our industry and welcome others into our exploding category!