A Boring Life Featured in Washington Post

No big surprise here: CBD, one of the fastest-growing categories of the year, was well-represented at the trade show. But even though its legality is questionable, and research is still determining how effective it is at addressing all the maladies companies claim it can soothe, the CBD gold rush continues apace. In case you don’t know: CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in hemp, so it won’t get you high — but many of the companies marketing CBD products claim it can treat anxiety. CBD drinks have been popular since late 2018, and kombucha maker GT’s now has a line of drinks called Dream Catcher, with hemp, caffeine and apple cider vinegar. But more interesting are the companies taking CBD into snackier territory. A company called A Boring Life — based out of Boring, Ore. — makes rather sophisticated CBD lavender-flavored almonds. Great River Hemp Co. has CBD-infused whipped honey. And Hillside Lane Naturals has granola bites and lemon poppy seed cookies infused with CBD. 

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