CBD Adventure Bag Giveaway!

Start you summer off right with the CBD Adventure bag giveaway, We have an amazing Patagonia bag packed with the best CBD products for you to make it through your weekend long adventure or day hike. Enter to win a Patagonia Bag filled with Hemp derived CBD products from A Boring Life, Austin and Kat, CBD Living, Hugs CBD, Mr. Moxey’s and Infused CBD Marketplace. Retail value around $700 – you will be stocked up on Non psychoactive CBD products from some of the best companies in the business today. Products for you to stay hydrated, feed your hunger, freshen your breath, ease sore muscles and calm your mind to just chill out. All the products in this giveaway are USA Hemp Derived CBD products all with available COAs. Infused CBD Marketplace helps provide a large selection of the Highest quality CBD products so you know what you are buying is what you think it is.